Our Diamonds

Main Street Jewelry Exchange offers a wide selection of certified mounted and loose diamonds. Many shapes, sizes and qualities are available including round brilliant cut, fancy, ideal, Tolkowsky, emerald, cushion, radiant, princess, oval, baguette, trillion, heart, marquise, asscher and pear shape.

Our educated staff is anxious to teach you about the 4 C’s: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut (finish and proportions). We can put a diamond in your setting or custom make the mounting of your dreams at a discounted price.

If you’re interested in selling your diamond, simply click here and fill out the “Sell Your Diamond” form and we will make you the highest cash offer possible.

Our Diamonds

Diamond Inventory


  • 0.70ct RBC F/SI2 5.9mm
  • 0.71ct RBC G/VS1 5.85mm
  • 1.01ct RBC H/VS2 6.25mm EGL US25900001D
  • 2.00ct RBC F/SI1 8.25mm EGL US30184804D
  • 2.04ct RBC D/SI2 8.06mm EGL 2661971537
  • 0.51ct Emerald Cut H/VS1
  • 1.04ct Emerald Cut J/VS1 GIA 5111349544
  • 1.52ct Emerald Cut H/VS2 EGL US4717601D
  • 0.74ct Princess Cut I/VS1
  • 0.78ct Princess Cut H/SI1
  • 1.20ct Princess Cut G/VS1 AGA 53154
  • 1.02ct Cushion E/SI1 EGL US45567702D
  • 2.00ct Cushion I/VS2 EGL 2503229427
  • 1.01ct Oval D/SI2 AGA 50029050010
  • .0.48ct Pear H/VS1
  • 0.31ct Heart H/SI1
  • 1.03ct Heart E/SI1